What We’re Reading: Week of 27 November

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Gordon Campbell, “Making God Speak English” (Marginalia)

John Farrell, “Paradoxes of Incarnation” (LARB)

Joan MacDonald, “‘Like Diamonds or Fine Wine‘” (LARB)

Robert Cottrell, “Russia’s Gay Demons” (NYRB)

Ingrid D. Rowland, “Norwegian Woods” (NYRB)



Thomas S. Kidd, “Roy Moore and the confused identity of today’s ‘evangelical’ vote” (Vox)

Joanna Kenty, “Avenging Lucretia: From Rape to Revolution” (Eidolon)

(Podcast) “The Reformatory: A Conversation with Tananarive Due” (Boston Review)

Sara Novic, “A Brief History of Time: A Day on Noah’s Ark” (Harper’s)



Anne Diebel, “Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach, (LRB)

Eve Hoffman, “Dress British, Think Yiddish,” (NYRB)

Or Rosenboim interviewed by Aden Knaap, “Time and Space in the History of Globalism” An Interview with Or Rosenboim,” (Toynbee Prize Foundation)

Natasha Wheatley, “Letter from Lviv: On Place and the History of International Law,” (Humanity Journal)

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