What we’re reading this week


Jonathan  Fuller,” Universal etiology, multifactorial diseases and the constitutive model of disease classification” (Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological & Biomedical Science).

Rachel Nuwer “ It’s the Latest in Conservation Tech.And It Wants to Suck Your Blood.”
(New York TImes)

Kate Sierzputowski” Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours: a Pre-Photographic Guide for Artists and Naturalists” (Colossal)

Quinn Slobodian Globalists. The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism.
(Harvard University Press)

Scott St. George,” Mississippi rising” (Nature)



Hilton Als, “‘Angels in America’: Brilliant, Maddening, and Necessary” (New Yorker)

Lynne Jones, “An aid industry labouring under colonial structures is no help” (Aeon)

Rajat Singh, “A Search for Piety in Pity” (Lapham’s Quarterly)



Lucy Hughes-Hallett, “Why dictators find the lure of writing books irresistible” (New Statesman)

Phoebe Cripps, “Winter kept us warm” (TLS)

Darryl Pinckney, “Black Pictures” (NYRB)

Jeremiah Jenne, “Cosmopolitan Colonialism” (LARB)



Junot Diaz, “The Silence: The Legacy of Childhood Trauma” (New Yorker)

Jacob Soll, “How Islam Shapes the Enlightenment” (New Republic)

Susan Watkins, “Which Feminisms?” (New Left Review)

William Kentridge, “Mine (1991)” (Not Everything is New)



Ed Pavlic, ““Baldwin’s Lonely Country” (Boston Review)

Shih-ying Yang and Robert Sternberg “Conceptions of Intelligence in Ancient Chinese Philosophy” (JTPP)

Tim Chamberlain, “Struggling with Empire” (Waymarks)

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