2019 Graduate Symposium

9:00–10:30: Canonization across Media
Discussant: Michael Carhart (Old Dominion University)

Hin Ming Frankie Chik, “Dictionary as an Exhibition of Ideology: Reflections on the
Canonization of Erya and the Nature of Confucian Canons” (Arizona State University, East Asian Studies)

Bhakti Mamtora, “Rethinking Orality and Canonicity in South Asia” (University of Florida,

Christopher Green, “The Smithsonian Handbook of the North American Indian” (University of Illinois, History)

11:00–12:30: War, Canon Formation, and Generational Change
Discussant: Stefanos Geroulanos (New York University)

Simon Brown, “‘Mechanic Preachers’ and Useful Trades: English Divinity Education and its Critics, 1640–1678” (UC Berkeley, History)

Amelia Spooner, “Discipline as Canon: Rereading Marcel Mauss’ ‘The Gift’” (Columbia University, History)

Marcel Radosław Garboś, “The ‘Soviet Empire’ and its ‘Captive Nations’: Reflections on the
Interwar Origins of a Canonical Paradigm in Cold War-era Sovietology, 1926–1968” (Harvard University, History)

1:30–3:00: Migration across Canons
Discussant: Eva Del Soldato (University of Pennsylvania)

Tommaso De Robertis, “Challenging the Canon of Translation: Sebastiano Erizzo’s Italian Edition of Plato’s Timaeus (1557)” (University of Pennsylvania, Italian Studies)

Karie Schultz, “Teaching Political Canons at the Scottish Universities, 1610–1650” (Queen’s
University Belfast, History)

Caresse Jackson, “Madison Washington: The Odyssean Hero” (Princeton University Comparative Literature)

3:15–4:45: Workshops

5:00: The Journal of the History of Ideas’s annual Lovejoy Lecture

“Agency and Imagination in the Making of Classical Canons”
Professor Joy Connolly (Interim President of the Graduate Center, City University of New York)