2020 Virtual Graduate Symposium

August 16-22 
Prerecorded presentations are available to registered attendees via the JHI Blog.

Texts Without End

Daniel A. Nelson, “‘Allied to Life’: The Non-Teleological Poetics of Thoreau’s Journal” (University of Rochester)

Na’ama Zussman, “Book 91: Where a Text Ends and Begins” (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The Shape of the Page

Honglan Huang, “Beyond the Binding: Theatricality of Text in Tristram Shandy and Blue to Blue” (Yale University)

Xin Yu, “Illustration Matters: The Reconfiguration of the Genealogy in Late-Ming China, 1500–1644” (Washington University in St. Louis)

August 22

Q&A Session.
Registered attendees will receive a Zoom invite in advance to attend the Q&A Session.

10-11 AM (EDT): Workshops

Texts Without End
Maryanne Horowitz (Occidental College and UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies)

The Shape of the Page
Ann Blair (Harvard University)

Speakers and discussants only.

11 AM-12 PM (EDT): Virtual Q&A Session

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Registration closed on August 22, 2020.
Limited space available.