JHIBlog is the blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas, and aims to bring together today’s varied, burgeoning conversations in the field of intellectual history, broadly conceived. Like our parent journal, we understand intellectual history as an ecumenical and expansive field, encompassing a diversity of methods, regional emphases, and periods, and bordering upon many other subfields and disciplines. We supplement the work of the JHI by commenting speedily on developments in the field, highlighting the perspectives of graduate students and early-career researchers, and presenting research in a different format from that afforded by print journals. We have more to say about our mission in the blog’s introductory post. Typically, we publish new content on Monday and Wednesday, with a link roundup at the weekend.

JHIBlog is edited by graduate students Sarah Claire Dunstan, Derek O’Leary, and Spencer J. Weinreich, with the help of a group of contributing editors. You can read more about all of these individuals on the Masthead page. We always welcome pitches from guest contributors: you can find out more about what we’re looking for here.

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