Book Forum

The JHI Blog is pleased to announce a new occasional feature, a forum bringing together faculty across disciplines to discuss recent works in intellectual history over consecutive Fridays.

Book forum: Jeffrey A. Barash, Collective Memory and the Historical Past (Univ. of Chicago, 2017)
— Michael Meng, “History as Critique” (7 April 2017)
— Sophie Marcotte Chénard, “A Practical Past Beyond the Historical Past?” (14 April 2017)
— Andrew Dunstall, “Symbols, Collective Memory, and Political Principles” (21 April 2017)
— Asaf Angermann, “Working Through Collective Memory” (28 April 2017)
— Nitzan Lebovic, “Time to Remember—Is There a Future to Collective Memory?” (5 May 2017)
— Jeffrey A. Barash, “Collective Memory, the Public Sphere, and the Remote Past” (12 May 2017)

Interested in organizing or participating in a book forum? Please see our About page and consider contacting the editors.