The JHI Blog is pleased to announce a new occasional feature, fora bringing together scholars to discuss recent works in intellectual history.


Forum on Sebastian Conrad’s 2016 What is Global History?” (Spring 2019)

Sebastian Conrad, “What is Global History?–Continue”

Daoud Jackson, “What is Global History?”

Maryam Patton, “‘What Time is it There?’ Synchronicity in Global History”

Derek Kane O’Leary, “The Pedagogy of Global History”

Sarah Claire Dunstan. “Postscript: the various afterlives of Global History”


Graduate student responses to “Theses on Theory and History” by Ethan Kleinberg, Joan Wallach Scott, and Gary Wilder:

Jonathon Catlin, “Theory Revolt and Historical Commitment” (October 2018)

John Handel, “The Principle of Theory; or, Theory in the Eyes of its Students” (October 2018


Graduate forum on Pathways in Intellectual History:

Andrew Klumpp, Expanding Subjects, Race, and Global Contexts: Tisa Wenger’s Religious Freedom and Developments in the History of Religious Ideas (July 2018)

Cynthia Houng, Writing Art in the Present Tense (August 2018)

Robert Greene II, The Radical African-American 20th Century (August 2018)

Gloria Yu, Excesses of the Eye and Histories of Pedagogy (September 2018)

Brent Howitt Otto, Colonial Knowledge, South Asian Historiography, and the Thought of the Eurasian Minority (October 2018)


Book forum: Jeffrey A. Barash, Collective Memory and the Historical Past (Univ. of Chicago, 2017)
— Michael Meng, “History as Critique” (7 April 2017)
— Sophie Marcotte Chénard, “A Practical Past Beyond the Historical Past?” (14 April 2017)
— Andrew Dunstall, “Symbols, Collective Memory, and Political Principles” (21 April 2017)
— Asaf Angermann, “Working Through Collective Memory” (28 April 2017)
— Nitzan Lebovic, “Time to Remember—Is There a Future to Collective Memory?” (5 May 2017)
— Jeffrey A. Barash, “Collective Memory, the Public Sphere, and the Remote Past” (12 May 2017)


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