Index of Contributors

Asaf Angermann
Book Forum: Working Through Collective Memory

Patrick Anthony
Thinking About Knowledge in Motion and Social Engagement at HSS

Paul Babinski
Karl Philipp Moritz and Oralism

Michael C. Behrent
Foucault from Beyond the Grave

Nicholas Bellinson
Goodnight Moon: Kepler’s Somnium
Comparative Difficulties in the Global Academy

Joshua Bennett
Stefan Collini’s Ford Lectures: ‘History in English Criticism, 1919-1961’

Elizabeth Biggs
Out of Chaos, Some Sort of Order: The International Congress on Medieval Studies at 50, May 14-17, 2015
Humanism in the Archives: The Case of Ellesmere MS EL 34 B 6

Jeremy Bleeke
Medardo Rosso’s Casts, Copies and Prints: Illuminating the Artist’s Process

Marcelline Block and Barry Nevin
French Cinema and the Great War: Remembrance and Representation

Chloe Bordewich
Sovereignty Without Borders: Discussing Afghanistan’s Cold War History with Timothy Nunan

Audrey Borowski
Leibniz and Deleuze on Paradox
Russian Art 1917-1932 at the Royal Academy, London

Elisabeth Brander
Book Review: Meredith Ray, Daughters of Alchemy

Eric Brandom
New Grounds, New Voices: Postwar Politics and Economy
Croce Between Hughes and White
Cogito Ergo Sumus

Alison Bumke
‘Slimy Rimes’: Donne’s Contagious London

Richard Calis
Personal Philology
Two Editors and their Theophrastus

Benedetta Carnaghi
Unveiling Evil: ‘Hitler’s Furies’ and the Dark Side of Women’s History

Charles Cuykendall Carter
“Herman Melville’s New York, 1850” at the New York Society Library

James Casey
Mandate Agent, Colonial Subject, and Jewish Citizen: Jamil Sasson

Jonathon Catlin
“Many Thanks to Teddie Adorno”: Negative Dialectics at Fifty

Yung In Chae
The Methodology of Genealogy: How to Trace the History of an Idea
Let the Right Women In

Laetitia Citroen
We should justify ourselves no more: Felwine Sarr’s Afrotopia

Frederic Clark
Annotations and Generations
Annotations and Generations (II)

Shuvatri Dasgupta
Historicizing Ghosts: Reimagining Realities in Nineteenth-century Popular Bengali Fiction

Senjuti Dash
Historicizing Ghosts: Reimagining Realities in Nineteenth-century Popular Bengali Fiction (with Shuvatri Dasgupta)

Mia D’Avanza
Dissenting Voices: Positive/Negative: HIV/AIDS in NYU’s Fales Library

Boyd van Dijk
A History of Humanity, Humanitarian Law, and Human Rights

Jack Dragu
Conference Report: “Nearness | Rift”

Michael Duffy
Finding Feelings in Intellectual History

Paul Duguid
When was the age of information?

Erin Duncan O’Neill

Vive les satiristes! Caricature During the Reign of Louis Philippe, 1830-1848

Andrew Dunstall
Book Forum: Symbols, Collective Memory, and Political Principles

Sarah Claire Dunstan

Postscript: The Various Afterlives of Global Intellectual History

A Man Walks Into A Bar; or the possibilities of the individual in international history

The Women of Négritude

Towards a Global Intellectual History?

Gianna Englert
French Liberals and the Capacity for Citizenship

Elizabeth Everton
Social Media in an Analog Age: The Henry Subscription (1898-1899)

Adam Fales

Melville’s Scrivener: Elizabeth Shaw, Melville, Bibliography, and Literary History

James Farquharson
Saving Nigeria

Caio Ferreira
Would You Like Your History Slanderous or Boring?

Luke A. Fidler
Institutions and Fragments: “A Portrait of Antinous, in Two Parts” at the AIC

Yaelle Frohlich
Apes, Jews, and Others: A Reading of Franz Kafka and Bernard Malmud

E.G. Gallwey
Malthus Redivivus/Malthus Revisited

John Garcia
The Other Samuel Johnson: African-American Labor in the Vicinity of the Early U.S. Book Trade

Roger Gaskell

The New Bibliographical Presses at Rare Book School

John Gee
Pushing at the Seems: US Intellectual History

Anna Gialdini
Hellenism and the Materiality of Greek Books in Renaissance Italy

Georgios Giannakopoulos
Woodrow Wilson and the Politics of Race: Notes on an Ongoing Controversy

Mark Marion Gondelman

Fathers Strike Back: The Revenge of Zoharic Trinitology

Ben Goossen
When Did Amish Become Old-Fashioned?

Dina Gusejnova
Fortune. Failure. Fetish. Fest. Aby Warburg’s glorious Nachleben

Jacob Hamburger
Socialism and Power: Axel Honneth in Paris

Dag Herbjørnsrud
Global History of Ideas: A Sea for Fish on Dry Land

Barbara Heritage
The Reading Subject: New Directions in Bibliography and Critical Hermeneutics

Eric Herschthal
Renovating the American Revolution: The Most Important Stories Aren’t on Broadway

Cynthia Houng
Thinking with the Hand: Andrea del Sarto and the Practice of Drawing

I-Yi Hsieh
The Walnut Rubbing Chinese Gentleman: Ernst Cordes’ Travelogue to Beijing, 1937

Disha Karnad Jani
Historicizing Failure
Anti-Imperialist Publications and Suspended Disbelief: Reading the Public Materials of the League Against Imperialism, 1927-1937
The Interwar, Ourselves
Global/Universal History: A Warning
Revolutions are Never on Time

Hugh Jeffery
Rejecting Church and State in Medieval Anatolia

JHIBlog Editors
Welcome to JHIBlog!
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The Republic of Intellectual History
Dispatch from the Republic of Letters
Days of Letters in the Republic
JHI 78:1 Available
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Timothy Scott Johnson
Histories We Repeat

Daniel Joslyn
“Good men are God in the Flesh”: Frederick Douglass, Virtue Philosopher
“A Reform Which Has Stifled All Other Reforms”: Islam in the Nineteenth-century Black American Press

David Kearns
Antonin Scalia’s Originalism and the Rhetoric of Judicial Office in Early Modern England

Jonathan Kearns
Cavendish’s Daughters: Speculative Fiction and Women’s History

Dylan Kenny
Marcel Schwob and Moody History

Colin Guthrie King
August Boeckh in the 21st Century: Methodological Questions for Globalized Classics

Edmund G.C. King
What Was a Reading Community?

Rob Koehler
Imagining Communal Intellectual History: Libraries and Their Readers
Mandatory Reading: The Novel and the College Course in the Early Republic

Nitzan Lebovic
Book Forum: Time to Remember—Is There a Future to Collective Memory?

Spencer Lenfield
Why Auden Left: “September 1, 1939″ and British Cultural Life”

Zachary Levine
Wilhelm Reich: A Disappointed Utopian

Emelyn Lih
High Fidelity: Jean Starobinski’s Critical Hermenutics

Daniel London
Synthesis, Narrative, and Conversation: On Thomas Bender
Institutionalized: Between American Political Development and Intellectual History
Coming to Agreement: The State of Urban Public Life in American History
Of Nuance and Algorithms: What Conceptual History Can Learn from Topic Modeling Solidarity, Fragmentation, & Welfare
Ideas of Attachment: What the “Postcritical Turn” Means for the History of Ideas

David Loner
Alice Ambrose and Life Unfettered by Philosophy in Wittgenstein’s Cambridge
Keeper of Language Games: G.H. Von Wright at 100

Nicole Longpré
Shame, Memory, and the Politics of the Archive

Timothy Lundy
Education in Excess: The Folger Institute’s “Theatres of Learning”

Pedro T. Magalhães
Max Weber and Carl Schmitt: Crossroads of Crisis

Hannah Malcolm
Threatened by Prejudices: French Revolutionary Textbooks

Sophie Marcotte-Chenard
Book Forum: A Practical Past Beyond the Historical Past?

Michael Meng
Book Forum: History as Critique

Matthew McHaffie
Violence as Legal Argument in Eleventh-Century France

Steven McClellan
Asking the Social Question

Madeline McMahon
What Does Early Modern Bibliography Have to Do With a Blog?
The Politics of Unearthing New Amsterdam in 19th-Century New York
Records of Student Life in Early Modern Europe
Histories of Tithes: Religious Controversy and Changing Methodologies
The French Reformer and the Church of England: The Limits of Early Modern Ecumenism
Imaginary Iconoclasms in Early Modern Haarlem
The Bookends of Chronicles: Decisions about Time
Reflections on “Treasured Possessions” and Material Culture
Making a Case for Bishops’ Authority in the Second and Seventeenth Centuries
Passage and Place: Loci in Humanist Travel Writings
Holy Portraits: New Icons and Ancient Likenesses After Trent
Representing Material Evidence: The Catacombs in Print
Conciliar Conversations

Philipp Nothaft
Chronology’s Forgotten Medieval Pioneers

Derek O’Leary
Jared Sparks’ American Archives

Hugo Swinton Legare and the Transatlantic Letters of US Diplomacy

Sonja Ostrow
Opinion Polls in International Perspective: The Case of West Germany

Elizabeth Ott
Reading for Pleasure and Shelf-Satisfaction: The Reading Sheffield Oral History Project

Brooke S. Palmieri
Inverting the Pyramid: Notes on the Renaissance Society of America Meeting (26-28 March, Berlin)
The Archival Agenda: Thinking Through Scientific Archives at the Royal Society
Visual Affinities, Living History
Haunting History
Darkness Regained
Brave Entertainments
Sadie P. Delaney: Our Lady of Bibliotherapy
Reflection without Retreat: Brooke Palmieri interviews Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft on “Thinking in Public” and the role intellectuals play in politics.
Impermanent Dwellings: Bookstores and Feminist Approaches to History

Tejas Parasher
Towards an Intellectual History of Modern Poverty

Maryam Patton
Mobility in Context and the Global Intellectual
The Early History of Arabic Printing in Europe
Global Microhistory: One or Two Things That I Know About It

Matthias Pfaller
Progressive Past, Conservative Present: Surpassing Art-Historical Genres in a Late Medieval Book of Hours

Jamie Phillips
Coming to Terms with the Cybernetic Age
The Brain-for-Itself: Soviet Psychoneurologists Debate the Psychophysical Problem

Sarah Pickman

Of Earthly Magnificence and Heavenly Bodies

An “Extreme Turn”? Some Thoughts on Material Culture, Exploration, and Interdisciplinary Directions

John Pollack
An Intellectual History of their Own?

Luca Provenzano
Neoliberal Dogma? Revisiting Foucault on Social Security, Healthcare and Autonomy (Pt. I of II)
Neoliberal Dogma? Revisiting Foucault on Social Security, Healthcare and Autonomy (Pt. II of II)

Jake Purcell
Accessing the Secrets of Early Medieval Relic Labels
Reform and Renewal: Notes on the International Medieval Congress, Leeds
Sensual Charters
Dressing Up in Late Antique Egypt: A Review of ISAW’s ‘Designing Identity’
Giving Up Stuff, Then and Now
Brexit for Historians (with Emily Rutherford)

Laura Quinton
Lincoln Kirstein, Dance, and Intellectual History

John Raimo
Back in the Sattel(zeit) Again
January Events in Paris for Intellectual History
Making German History Safe
Curing Vichy Syndrome
The Sounds of History
History Contra Global
An Open Letter Across Time
Old Ships, New Harbors
Prague ’68 and the End of Time
Philology Among the Disciplines (I): The Problem of Definitions
Philology Among the Disciplines (II): Roles, Limits, Goals
Images of History
Forms of Bureaucracy

Jane Raisch
Greek to Me: The Hellenism of Early Print

Aline Medeiros Ramos
How Many Things Are There? Ways of Counting in Medieval Metaphysics

Max Ridge
History or Ghost Story Story: Marshall Berman

Daniel Rinn
Aldo Leopold and the History of Environmental Ideas

Mike Rottmann
Reestablishing Philosophy in a Destroyed Country: Karl Löwith’s Return to Germany

Emily Rutherford
The History Manifesto and Its Discontents
History of Ideas at the AHA
Reflections of an AHA First-Timer
Intellectual “Entanglements” and the Status of Modern British History
The Gay Past and the Intellectual Historian
Thucydides, Canon, and Western Civilization
Arthur Sidgwick’s Diaries: Notes from a Work in Progress
Intellectuals on Toboggans
Why Are All the Costume Dramas Edwardian? or, History and Popular Memory
Approaching Religious Belief and Practice in Modern Intellectual History
British History and the Question of Relevance: Dispatches from the Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies
Rescuing the Eighteenth-Century Church of England from the Enormous Condescension of Posterity
Long Vacations, Big Histories
Paranoid Reading and Reparative Reading in the Archive (I)
Paranoid Reading and Reparative Reading in the Archive (II)
Legacies of British Slave Ownership: Thoughts on British Imperial History and Public Memory
Friendship, Idealism and Federating University Women in the Early Twentieth CenturyIntellectual History from Below
Brexit for Historians (with Jake Purcell)
Writing the History of University Coeducation

Michael Savage
“They’re Going to Be Bused, Whether You Like it or Not”: Urban Whites and the Surprising Origins of Metropolitan School Desegregation

Stephanie L. Schatz
Science, Mysticism and Dreams in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Deborah Schlein
Prophetic Medicine in the Indian Yūnānī Tradition

Erin Schreiner
Artists and Craftswomen: Printing Women at the New York Public Library
Breadcrumbs in the Library
Personal Reasons: On Mai-Mai Sze’s Motivations for Reading and Annotating
Hippie Bibliography
Mai-Mai Sze and the I Ching: Mai-Mai Sze and Irene Sharaff in Public and Private
Meet the Collected Past: ‘The Keeper’ at the New Museum
Please Return to the Stenographic Department
The Revival of Harper’s Weekly, 1974-1976

The New Bibliographical Presses at Rare Book School

Yitzchak Schwartz
Censoring Early Modern Hebrew Texts: A Review of the Manfred R. Lehmann Memorial Master Workshop in the History of the Hebrew Book
Moses Gaster: Folklore, “Medieval” Judaism and Turn-of-the-Century Jewish Historiography
From American Jewish History to American Jewish Studies: Advice for a Complicated Relationship
Towards an Intellectual History of the Alt-Right?
An Anti-Anti-Lachrymose Approach to Jewish History

Saraswathi Shukla
Commercializing Opera Through Paris’ First Musical Periodical

Zoltán Boldizsár Simon
Practical Past, Runaway Future
Is there a Philosophy of History Today?
We Have Never Been Presentist: On Regimes of Historicity
The Promise of a Technological Enlightenment: On Transhumanism and History

Devani Singh
Imagining the World of Early Print

Kyle Stanton
American Zionism: A Mass-Cultural Movement?

William Stewart
Indefatigable Polyphony, or Alexander Kluge’s Narration in Complete Thoughts

Jan Stöckmann
90 Years of Intellectual Cooperation: The Forgotten History of UNESCO’s Predecessor

Carolyn Taratko
“Jules Verne would roll over in his grave,” or, Döblin on the Future
The Conquest of the Sun” and Ideas about Energy

Green Internationalism and the European Countryside
Claude Eatherly, the Bomb, and the Atomic Age
Eating for Others: The Nineteenth-Century Vegetarian Movement in Germany
Revolution in the 21st Century: A Reflection on the Salon Sophie Charlotte at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

William Theiss
The Historian Rudolf Hospinian

Anna Toledano
Félix de Azara: Drawn from Life
Paris’s New Musée de l’Homme: Then, Now, Tomorrow

Monique Flores Ulysses
Performing Migration: Corridos, Mexican Masculinities, and American Empire (1917-1932)

Elad Uzan
The Jewish Musical Pioneers: Salamone de Rossi and Rabbi Leon of Modena

Peter Walker
Only Buddhists and Anglicans: Moderation and the Church of England
Shooting the Moon: Martyrdom and Sacred Kingship in the Twenty-first Century

Laurel Waycott
Evolution Made Easy: Henry Balfour, Pitt Rivers and the Evolution of Art

Spencer J. Weinreich
(Prison) Note(book)s Toward A History of Boredom
Towards a Great Pluralism: Quentin Skinner at Ertegun House

Rachel Q. Welsh
Cheek-Rending, Bodies, and Rape in Medieval Castile, c. 1050-1300

Timothy Wright
A Case of Androgynous Gender-Bending in Early Modern Radical ReligionIntellectual History and Global Transformations

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