Interviews and Podcasts

JHI Blog features occasional interviews with historians and scholars broadly engaging with intellectual history. Each interview first appears on the blog, though you can also find the conversations below:

(Podcast) Interview with Eli Cook on The Pricing of Progress (2017)


(Podcast) Roundtable on the History of Quantification (24 April 2018)


(Podcast) A Conversation with Professor Stefanos Geroulanos (2 April 2018)


(Podcast) A Conversation with Professor Surekha Davies (12 February 2018)


The Pinkster King and the King of the Kongo: Derek O’Leary interviews Jeroen Dewulf on Pinkster in Dutch slave communities (13 September 2017)

Failure and Fantasy on the Banks of the Ohio: Julia Lewandoski interviews Benjamin Hoffmann on French colonial imagination (22 May 2017)

Sovereignty Without Borders: Chloe Bordewich interviews Timothy Nunan on Afghanistan’s Cold War History (24 April 2017)

Reflection without Retreat: Brooke Palmieri interviews Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft on “Thinking in Public” and the role intellectuals play in politics (27 June 2016)

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