Museum reviews

Sarah Pickman, “Beyond Mere “Exhibitionism”: Exhibiting Fashion at the Museum at FIT and Beyond” (04/2019)

Jonathon Catlin, “Koselleck and the Image” (12/2018)

Enrique Ramirez, “An Afternoon with Bodys Isek Kingelez at MoMA” (12/2018)

Philipp Sperner, “Conference Report: Mastery, Ownership, Divinity: Self And Power in Transregional and Transtemporal Perspectives” (12/2018)

Hannah Leffingwell, “David Wojnarowicz and Donna Gottschalk: A Meditation” (09/2018)

Sarah Pickman, “Of Earthly Magnificence and Heavenly Bodies: Haute Couture and Catholic Aesthetics at the Metropolitan Museum of Art” (07/2018)

Cynthia Houng, “Bernini at the Borghese” (04/2018)

Derek Kane O’Leary, “Life and Likeness at the Portland Museum of Art” (1/2018)

Yitzchak Schwartz, “‘Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art’ at The New York Historical Society” (11/2017)

Dina Gusejnova, “The state, and revolution, Part II: View from a Public Square Closed to the Public” (08/2017)

and “The state, and revolution: A site-specific view of centenaries. Part I: The revolution reshuffled: Statelessness and civil war in the museum” (08/2017)

Erin Schreiner and Roger Gaskell, “The New Bibliographical Presses at Rare Book School” (07/2017)

Jake Purcell, “Dressing Up in Late Antique Egypt: A Review of ISAW’s ‘Designing Identity‘” (04/2016)

Audrey Borowski, “Russian Art 1917-1932 at the Royal Academy, London” (03/2017)

Charles Cuykendall Carter, “‘Herman Melville’s New York, 1850′ at The New York Society Library” (10/2016)

Anna Toledano, “Paris’s New Musée de l’Homme: Then, Now, Tomorrow” (09/2016)

Brooke Palmieri, “Brave Entertainments” (02/2016)

Cynthia Houng, “Thinking with the Hand: Andrea del Sarto and the Practice of Drawing” (01/2016)

Erin Schreiner, “Artists and Craftswomen: Printing Women at the New York Public Library” (12/2015)

Jeremy Bleeke, “Medardo Rosso’s Casts, Copies and Prints: Illuminating the Artist’s Process” (04/2015)