Pathways in Intellectual History

A JHI Blog Forum

This forum collects a series of commentaries from current graduate students with the goal to engage with the diversity of ways that scholars are approaching the History of Ideas across academic sub-fields today.

Andrew Klumpp, Expanding Subjects, Race, and Global Contexts: Tisa Wenger’s Religious Freedom and Developments in the History of Religious Ideas

Cynthia Houng, Writing Art in the Present Tense

Robert Greene II, The Radical African American Twentieth Century

Gloria Yu, Excesses of the Eye and Histories of Pedagogy

Brent Howitt Otto, Colonial Knowledge, South Asian Historiography, and the Thought of the Eurasian Minority

Featured Image: White jagged lines on a black ground, with green tree trunks; representing a path through a dark forest. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1970. Credit: Wellcome Collection.