Pedagogy Platform

A new Pedagogy section for the JHIBlog which will connect secondary school teachers and college/university teachers who aim to teach history in explorative, relevant, and revolutionary ways. The platform will consist of two main parts: a database of lesson plans rooted in JHI articles for secondary school and university teachers to make use of and a forum in which teachers can post lesson plans, syllabi, curricula, and pedagogical tools surrounding the teaching of history.

Lesson Plans

Agneta’s Pineapple & History through Art by Cynthia Kok, based off of JHIBlog article: “Agneta Block’s Pineapple: Colonial Botany and the Europeanization of Knowledge”

How can a painting be used as a historical primary source? Who tells history and how? 

Questions about Questions about The Scarlet Letter by Andrew Newman, based off of JHIBlog article: “Balcony and Scaffold: Literary Theory and High School English, in the 1960s”

What are the purposes of literary study? How have approaches changed over time? How do historians and literary scholars approach primary sources differently?

The Technology of Writing from Mesopotamia to Now by Sara Mohr, based off of JHIBlog article: “What the Digital Dark Age Can Teach Us About Ancient Technologies of Writing”

Why are people afraid of the coming of the Digital Dark Age? What do you think are the most effective methods for preserving information?

The Purpose and Power of Paratexts by Anna Speyart, based off of JHIBlog article: “Report: Paratexts and Print in Renaissance Humanism – The 2019 Panizzi Lectures”

What is a paratext? Why do texts have paratexts? What are the advantages and pitfalls of using paratexts as historical sources?

Huizinga Preface (referenced in lesson plan) can be found here.

Thinking Monumentally: Making sense of Memorial Sites through Experiential Learning by Derek O’Leary, based off of JHIBlog: “Norse fantasies and American foundings”

Take your students to a local monument or memorial site. What is the relationship between the monument’s aesthetic features and the impact it has (or may intend to have) on the viewer? What argument about history is the monument making or contributing to?

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