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The JHI Blog welcomes essays from anyone working in intellectual history–whether in academia or any profession that engages with how ideas are generated, communicated, and transformed over time. Like our parent journal, we promote scholarship from diverse regions, periods, and methodologies. The JHI Blog reaches thousands of readers each week, and writing in this forum is a special way to share one’s work–whether a finished or a work in progress–with this wide audience.

The blog editors seek well-researched short essays (600-2000 words) in English that present new research, comment on scholarly happenings and controversies, and review conferences, events, and groups of recent publications. We welcome brief proposals from new contributors via email. Before preparing your pitch, please read this helpful piece from Eidolon about writing proposals to scholarly blogs like ours, and review our style guide.

All proposals and submitted drafts are evaluated for publication by the Blog’s editors based on their pertinence to the field of intellectual history, the compelling presentation of evidence, depth of research in pieces presenting new work, and the quality and tone of writing. If your piece is accepted, you will work with an editor to revise your piece as needed in advance of publication. If a revised draft does not meet the Blog’s standards as outlined above, we reserve the right to forgo publication of a submitted piece. As part of the JHI Blog’s commitment to maintaining an open community of writers and readers of intellectual history, we welcome pieces that explore a wide range of subjects, including topics in intellectual history that relate to ongoing political, social, and cultural movements and events. We do not publish op-eds resembling those published by newspapers in print and online, or single-book reviews. You can get a sense of what we publish by reviewing recent contributions, but feel free also to propose something novel and off-beat!

Please be advised that the JHI Blog is supplementary to the Journal of the History of Ideas and does not constitute publication in the Journal. All posts reflect the views of their authors, and not necessarily those of the JHI Blog’s editors or the Journal of the History of Ideas. The JHI Blog welcomes vigorous discussion about our posts and encourages blog readers to comment. Comments are pre-moderated and will be reviewed prior to publication to weed out spam or abuse.

We welcome contributions from a diverse group of scholars, librarians, archivists, curators, and others of any race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected class status. The Blog seeks to promote equity, inclusion, and diversity within the field.