What We’re Reading: Week of Jan. 26

Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments!


Pierre Assouline, « Johann Chapoutot engage à prendre les écrits nazis au sérieux » (La République des livres)

Francesco Bellusci, “Cornelius Castoriadis, la democrazia oltre la crisi” (Doppiozero)

Monica Black, interview with Sean Forner on his German Intellectuals and the Challenge of Democratic Renewal: Culture and Politics after 1945 (New Books in History)

T.J. Clark, “A Snake, a Flame” (London Review of Books)

Tim Crane, “The philosophy of translation” (Times Literary Supplement)

Hannah Engelmeier & Pierre-Héli Monot, »Der Sensor blinkt, aber die Poesie ist kaputt. Michel Houellebecqs Roman Unterwerfung« (Merkur-Blog)

Anthony Grafton, “Latin Lives” (The Nation)

Josh Jowitt, “Kant’s Politics in Context by Reidar Maliks” (LSE Review of Books)

Jana Prikryl, “Thomas Struth: Style Without Style” (NYRBlog)

Pierre Sauvanet, « Existe-t-il un “concept” de rythme au XIXe siècle ? “Rythme” chez Hegel » (video; CRAL – Centre de Recherches sur les arts et le langage)

And finally, Rens Bod, Jaap Maat & Thjis Weststeijn, The Making of the Humanities (Open Access Library)


Anthony Grafton, Latin Lives (The Nation)

Andy Seal, Out of Circulation: Finding or Making an Archive (S-USIH Blog)

Monica Whitlock, Helmand’s Golden Age (BBC)

Alex Vadukul, Searching for Answers in the 1961 Death of an Ayn Rand Follower (NYTimes)

Rohan Maitzen, The Case for ‘Intelligent, Bloggy Bookchat by Scholars’: How’s It Looking? (Novel Readings)

Corey Robin, On Public Intellectuals (Corey Robin)

Margaret MacMillan, A Bit of Chaos: The Great War and After (LRB)

T.J. Clark, A Snake, A Flame: Blake at the Ashmolean (LRB)

Robert O. Paxton, The Bloodiest Urban Revolution (NYRB)

And, not least, Hunks of Plato: The Top Ten (Buzzfeed)


Michael Kimmelman, Becoming van Gogh (NYRB Gallery) and Van Gogh: The Courage and the Cunning (NYRB)

Stassa Edwards, From Aesop to Doge (Aeon)

Dan Piepenbring, W. H. Auden’s Potent Syllabus, & other news (Paris Review)

The Editors, Too Fast, Too Furious: In Search of Time Gained (N + 1)

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