What We’re Reading: Week of Feb. 27

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Our friends at the Paideia Institute are hiring interns! Worth checking out if you’re an undergrad or recent grad in particular.

Nakul Krishna, Bringing Philosophy to Life, on Bernard Williams, Oxford philosophy, and much more (Chronicle)

Sophia Azeb, Can the Tate Britain Curate a Post-Imperial Future? (Africa Is a Country)

Colm Tóibín, How Henry James’ family tried to keep him in the closet (Guardian)

Katherine Angel, REVIEW: Women in Philosophy: What Needs to Change? (QMUL Cultural History of Philosophy Blog)

Jim Downs, The Education of Jonathan Ned Katz (Chronicle)

Adrienne LaFrance, Hearing the Lost Sounds of Antiquity (Atlantic)

Rose Eveleth, Is archaeology better off without religion? (Aeon)

And finally, your feel-good news for the week: Philip Oltermann, Berlin museums’ refugee guides scheme fosters meeting of minds (Guardian)


Margaret Jones, “Not so altogidder decayed” (MusiCB3 Blog)

Darryl Robertson, “The Black Panther Party and the Free Breakfast for Children Program” (AAIHS)

Erik Kwakkel, “Dirty Old Books” (Medieval Books)

Boris Jardine, “The first slide rule” (CUL Special Collections Blog)


Louise Adams, Where You Read: What Does It Say About You? (Inciting Sparks)

Iulian Shchutskii, Researches on the I Ching (Bollingen Series, 1979)

Shakespeare Documented (Online Exhibition with materials from the Folger, British Library, Bodleian, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, & National Archives)

Jason deParle, Kicked Out in America! (NYRB)

Marilynne Robinson, Save Our Public Universities  (Harper’s)


Rachel Moss Like Father, Like Daughter (Meny Snoweballes)

Lida Maxwell Does Love Have a Politics? (LARB)

Kristina Killgrove DNA from Earliest Muslim Graves in France Reveals North African Origins (Forbes)

Kathleen Neal A Life in Language (Thirteenth-Century England)

The Death of King Ethelbert (A Clerk of Oxford)

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