What We’re Reading: April 2

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Lord Byron and the Hebrew Melodies (In Our Time, BBC Radio 4)

Jake McAuley, They were rescued as kids in WWII. Now they want to help today’s refugee children. (Washington Post)

Daniel Hope, My mentor Yehudi Menuhin (Guardian)

Ferdinant Mount, Lumpers v. Splitters: How to Build an Empire (LRB)

Robert Macfarlane, Generation Anthropocene: How humans have altered the planet forever (Guardian)


Joe Patrice, Judge Admits Trial by Combat Is Available in New York… Then Declines to Order It (Above the Law)

Chris Jones, Assessing the Damage at Palmyra (Gates of Nineveh)

Space Archaeologist Finds Potential Viking Site in Canada (The History Blog)

Laura Seay and Kim Yi Dionne, Weary professors give up, concede that Africa is a country (Washington Post)


Irving Howe, Liberalism and Socialism (Dissent)

Ed Pavlic, Race and the Intimate Tangle of American Experience (Boston Review)

Matth Ray, The Pragmatics of Doubt (Lingua Barbara)

Frank Furedi, The Spectre of Democracy (Spiked)

Ross Wolfe Zara Hadid: In Memoriam (The Charnel House)

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