What We’re Reading: Week of 18th December.

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A Philosopher Reading by a follower of David Tenier the Younger. Courtesy of the Wellcome Trust.


Colin Gordon, “The Legacy of Taft-Hartley,” (Jacobin)

Bella Li, “December in Poetry,” (overland)

Patricia Lockwood, “It Was Gold,” (LRB)



Christine Buci-Glucksmann, “May ’68 and the Crisis of Marxism (1978)” (Viewpoint).

John Ganz, “The Forgotten Man: On Murray Rothbard” (Baffler). See also here.

Judith Lyon-Caen, “À se fendre la poire” (Viedesidées).

Vimal Patel and Brock Read, Interview with Michael Roth (Chronicle).



James Parker, “A Mind-Bending Translation of the New Testament” (Atlantic)

Paul Levy, “Let Them Eat Bread” (TLS)

Greg Miller, “Bizarre, Enormous 16th-Century Map Assembled for First Time” (National Geographic)

Brian Phillips, “ff” (LARB)



Samia Henni, “From ‘Indigenous’ to ‘Muslim’” (e-flux)



Jenna Tonn, “White Feminism and Eugenics” (Lady Science)

Ferris Jabr, “The Person in the Ape” (Lapham’s Quarterly)

Alexandra Lamont, “Christmas Earworms” (The Conversation)

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